Can only get 16 color



I have a compaq presario 1625 someone gave me. Everything works fine except the color I only have the options of 2 and 16 color.I don’t know if something went bad or what. Do notebooks have video built into the motherboard or can I get a new card for it? My friend that gave it to me said it use to have more colors but he doesn’t whats wrong with it either.

Also I’ve checked compaq web site and can’t find much on video.

Thanks for any help


Need to find the correct driver for the onboard video. Post your problem at the HP/COMPAQ forum.


With dismay, I find it’s a Neomagic!
Neomagic NM2160 / Neomagic 128xd - Some Win9x drivers that may work

A friend had a Neomagic on an IBM Thinkpad - it seems to be popular on old laptops, but it’s a “not great” chipset from a now defunct company - the basic drivers work ok, but since they never got higher than DirectX6, they’re a dead loss for anything that demands modern acceleration.


Thanks for your reply


Well they don’t support 3d so that’s the main problem.


This driver worked Thanks :slight_smile: