Can Only get 1 drive to work

I have two Plextor PX-716AL Dvd drives. They are both a month old, and they both work individually. However, when I hook both up at once, neither work. I have tried different IDE cables, and I am stuck. It may be a bios problem, because I can think of nothing else.
I have an ASUS M2N32 Deluxe
1.5TB In storage
2gb DDR2 RAM
AMD AM2 X2 64 4000+
and a 7900 GTX
I also have a floppy drive.
Any help would be great.
Also, when only one drive is hooked up, the computer recognizes it, but it does not read any media.


Sounds like the jumpers on the back of each drive is set incorrectly-

Set one jumper as ‘Master’ and make sure that drive is on the [B]end[/B] connection of a new (or proven) 80 wire cable-

Set the other burners jumper as ‘Slave’ and make sure that drive is in the [B]middle[/B] connection of the 80 wire cable-

Make sure that all cables are properly seated on the back of the drives and the motherboard - leave the case cover off - fire it up - and you should be good to go-eh!

So how do i designate a cable as master, do i use the one on the end of the cable? Thanks, and do i need to change anything in the BIOS?

Yo aornish-

Re-read - carefully - what I said above-

You have two ribbon 40 pin cables in your computer-

One goes to the hard drive (s) and the second goes to the burner (s) - and following the instructions above - you should be ok-

(if you have any trouble - remember that Google is your friend i.e. “how do I set the jumpers on the back of a dvd drive”)

You should check (after all is installed) to make sure that the bios recognises the new drives - but you should not have to make any changes-eh!

Okay, the computer recognizes both drives. The jumpers are set right, and the IDE cable is correct. The thing is that I can not open “My Computer”, it just shows a blank my computer window, no drives or anything, and when i try to put a disk in, the computer freezes until i eject it. This is very frustrating, Thanks

He said he has the Asus M2N32 Deluxe (w/SLI) and there is only ONE IDE channel via the JMicron chip. So no, he doesn’t have two 80-conductor IDE cables, just one.

aornish, check JMicron’s website to see if there’s an updated driver that you can download and install. You may want to check Plextor’s forum to see if two 716AL’s can exist together.

I had a similiar problem try this:
Upon rebooting press delete to enter setup program. This will bring you to the Main screen, scroll down to the Primary or Secondary IDE (whichever is giving you the problem) Mine showed the Secondary IDE Slave as “not installed”. Click on that, which brings you to another screen. Set it to “Auto”. Hit escape to bring you to the previous screen. The Secondary IDE should now show your drive. Go to top, hit exit and save configuration and your done.

Actually, I have both drives on the same cable, so when i do get them completely working, they will probably be very slow if i try to burn from one to another or use both at once