Can one Burn JPEGs to DVDs to view on TV

I have a Dell 4600 and it has a DVD burner I am told but it will not recognize the brand new blank DVD I put in - I need to download 600plus vacation pictures - Can anyone walk me thru it?

Do you know what the DVD burner is? And what DVD media are you trying to use, +R or -R?

Can one Burn JPEGs to DVDs to view on TV

Yes, of course one can. If you do a search of CDfreaks you will find the answer.


if you have a copy of Nero, you can create photo slideshows to watch on your tv. I’ve also played with this program a little so maybe you might want to give it a try: You may also want to try and you might be able to find a freeware program. Most older Dell cpus usually had +r burners in them, so you may want to make sure thats is the type you’re using, but you can also go to Dell’s site and check the specs on your burner if you dont have your manual.

Another program to try if you do not have Nero is DVD PixPlay. Less expensive than Nero and a lot more user friendly (In my opinion). They have a free trial at:

on my dvd u can burn avi mpg wmv wma mp3 and jpeg mayB bmp not sure though

on a cd
then my standalone does all the job…it makes 3 tabs 1 movies 1 music and 1 pictures
then it lets u play the pics 1by1 or automated slideshow or even play a slideshow with ur mp3 burnt on the disc in the background…thats nice…