Can now only burn at 16x or slower used to be able to burn at 52x?



:confused: I have never had a problem like this before. I used to be able to burn at 52x speed and now I can only burn at 16x or slower. I have a Mitsumi CR-48XGTE burner and I use Verbatim 1x-52x Inkjet Printable CDs when I am burning a project. Can anyone help me with some ideas as to what may have happend? :confused:


Is 16x the maximum speed selectable or the maximum actually achieved?


Make sure your DMA is selected n ONโ€ฆCheck your ASPI Layer to see if itโ€™s fully installed n not corrupt.


Read this for DMA


I wouldnt reccomend burning above that anyway. Unless its data that i would burn at 24x


I have XP Pro, and I want to print the names of my ISO files on my external WD hard drive. I think I use some DOS command years ago to print the directory, but is there some easy was to do the directory print in windows?



This is completely unrelated to this thread. Anyway type this in a dos console

Dir > c:\select_a_folder