Can not write cd

Just upgraded motherboard and processor, and now my Memorex 52x24x52 cdrw will not write at any speed (gets to 8% or 58% depending on number of file) then hangs. I’m force to reboot because cdrw drive locks up. When attempting to record the “used read buffer” indicator is at 100%. I am able to read cdrw’s, cd’s, (data and music) of any brand just not record. Recorder buffer is 2048kb, buffer underrun is supprted. Suggestions please.

WHen you upgraded did you do so with a clean install of Windows or did you just upgrade and use the existing installation?

I re-formated the Drive and a fresh install.

Windows XP built in CDR writing turned on? (IMAPI Service)
Try turning it off.
Any packetwriting programs running such as InCD or DirectCD?
If so, disable/uninstall them!