Can not write a iso

i use dvd fab platium 3550
i can not write aisofile to hdd error 500 task 2 failed
who can help

i have dvdfab platium and i have had no problems with it
but i dont have the key so its goin to exspire can u help me

If it is working with no problems then there is no problem to help you with.

If you need a key because the trial is going to expire then you will need to purchase a key here

@cowboyken5569: Noone here is going to give you a key for this program, you will have to buy it like everyone else. This is not a warez forum and we have rules that do not allow this . You have made other posts about this, what is it that you do not understand? Noone here will help you if you dont buy the program, you will not get a key from here.:a

You can ask for free lunch with best meal if you want free program the use other alternatives like “RipIt4Me” or any other that are free otherwise feel the pain and purchase the software.

Hi myway and welcome to cdfreaks,

A couple of recent versions were buggy, especially when trying to burn files already ripped to the hdd…not sure, but I think you might mean write “from” hdd. I’m not familiar with error 500. Any more detail re: error message.

Anyway, recommend that you update to v. released 12/14. If you already have this version (?3550), I would do a new download and install. If you still have issues, we’ll need some specifics.

thanks maineman
this is what i get:

18:15:19: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
18:15:19: Copy process started
18:19:29: Copy process completed successfully
18:19:29: Create ISO process started
18:19:31: Task_2 failed! Error=500
18:19:32: Process failed!
use version
i have the version do a new install.

Make sure your target partition supports large files. FAT32 only supports files up to 2GB in size, so if you want to write an ISO bigger than that, you’ll need to use NTFS.

Uhhh, actually FAT32 supports file sizes to 4 GB. FAT16 generally has a 2 GB max, although it “can” support 4 GB files.
Second point, did you realize that the OP posted his/her question [B]last year[/B]?

This is the second thread that you have re-opened that is over 4 months old what gives :confused: and it is the same reply that you gave in the other thread :confused:

The signal to noise ratio on the forum has deteriorated the past couple of days.:frowning: