Can not update LVW-1101 firmware

:confused: Thanx for the info on my problem but it seems that I have more. Details:DVD model: LVW-1101 (remanu?)
Serial No.:0161-1140-0018-BC30 (1U30-0201)
Manufac:Oct. 2005
I went to the LiteOn site to download the firmware. There was no option for selecting the region, only type (Audio?video & Opt. Storage) and model. The file they had me download is LNMT030.ZIP. It unzips to LNMT030.DA2. I burned it to a CD-R (with NERO). Finalized the disk. I then put it into the DVD-recorder and waited for it to read (at least 30 sec.s). All that happens is it saying that it is a DATA CD. Thats it. I’ve turned the unit Off and then On. I’ve done all this several times and nothing happens. Please help.

did you do restore to default first?

Not the first time I tried. After talking to LiteOn help I did and still the same result. I had them send me their update to the LVW-1101 (LNMCT019) and it still reads-displays “DATA DISC”-and thats it. Its out of warranty so I can do anything to it now. If I wanted a DVD player I could get one for $30, not $100.

Try this; Put the disk on the tray, turn power off (the tray should go in) Wait about 30 seconds and turn power back on. Your recorder should now be ready for update. Just answer yes and follow directions. Let us know how you make out.

Just tried it-same result-DATA DISC!. Just for fun I put my windows98 install disk in and it played. It does not have a problem playing commercial media-just the R/RW’sgive it a problem, but I did not get a DVD-Recorder to just play DVD’s. I still think its the same problem I had and it seems many have had. LiteOn DVD Recorders are junky. I’ve hardly used it and within 6 months it wont have much anything to do with non commercial media. To top it off, when I looked at the f/w update liteon sent me in ISO Buster it had 2 sessions on it. I thought it had to have 1-finalized. As I thought I’m going to have to find a way to repair it at home. Sending it to a repair shop I could get another recorder-definitely NOT a liteon.

I went to Lite-On site and found only one firmware update for the LVW 1101 unit. It was LNMCT030 for Taiwan. I couldn’t find anyother firmware updates listed for LVW 1101 DVD Recorder. I own 2-lvw-5005x units and 2-lvw-5115ghc+ units and I like them both. Sorry I couldn’t help.

I have same problem with 6 month old 5005 only worse since mine even refuses to play commercial DVDs. I’m thniking seriously about replacing the drive with a LiteOn 160P6S per instructions at NewEgg has the OEM version for $29 plus shipping.

Will this help you?