Can not update firmware on AD-7200S drive bought as Emprex from FRYs

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Optiarc AD-7200S. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I jusr bought AD-7200S drive that came in Emprex Box from Frys. It has 1.R1 version of firmware, Sony/NEC Optitrack tech support indicates it is an OEM drive and I can not update firmware using file downloaded from their web site. Is there any other way to update firmware on this drive?

You should be able to update your firmware with Binflash but make sure to backup your old firmware first.

Thanks Liggy. I tried that and it works. I flashed it with 1.06 orginal. Do you know the version 1.R1? is it same as any normal Optiark firmware version? I was looking at burn sucess stats and 1.R1 has better stats then 1.Z2.

I only have the 1.R0 firmware, 1.R1 seems to be an updated version. It’s not related to 1.Z2 which is a patched firmware by Dee-27

Would you like a copy? I just purchased such a drive from Fry’s–$18 after rebate. I’d be glad to read off a copy for you before I update the firmware to 1.Z2.

Sure. See PM for my email address