Can not save cd speed scans with 3540

I have a new nec 3540 I can not save my cd speed quality scans. I can scan no problem but when I try to save it I keep recieving (error in saving file) message. I am using nero windows xp (sp2) . I uninstalled old version (which I also had the same problem) and deleted the ahead folder in registry before installing the new version. managed to change scanning interval to 1 ecc while I was in there, thanks to all for explaning how to do this. But I have searched nec dvd burner forum and I can not find anything about this problem. I have 2 benq 1620’s also, but I have no problems with saving the benq scans I have tried to save as png. jpeg with no luck, right now I have LD fw 1.w5 but I have tried several other offical and LD firmware with no luck :frowning:

Download the current version of CDSpeed and install that. It will have the same version number, but it has a couple bug fixes that might resolve this.

rdgrimes thank you but it did not work

I have run into this problem with my Nec and found if I add something to the file name it will save OK. Just had it happen today as a matter of fact. Give it a try might work for you as well. I am basicly lazy and would rather add 8x or something to the file name than look for the real problem. :wink: HTH.:slight_smile:

crossg thanks for the help it worked :clap:

No problem. If I ever figure it out I will let you know.:slight_smile: