Can not record from DVR to DVD



:flower: I need some help on setting up my system.
I own a Grex video stabilizer and anticipated making a DVD archive for personal use of a broadcast program currently recorded on a DVR.
The U-verse DVR and secondary STB’s are made by Motorola.
The connections between the secondary U-verse STB, Toshiba D-610 DVD/VCR combo and television set before the Grex unit was installed were made as follows.

  1. STB HDMI out to a first TV HDMI input
  2. STB composite video out to DVD/VCR composite video in
  3. DVD HDMI out to a second TV HDMI input
  4. DVD/VCR composite video out to TV composite video in.
    The Grex unit was installed between the STB composite video out and the DVD/VCR composite video in, the IN and OUT marrkings on the Grex unit were identified and confirmed, and the Grex unit powered on. The input for the recorder was selected on as INPUT1…
    It seems that I’ve tried just everything… What am I doing wrong? :frowning:


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For broadcast TV their should be no need for a video stabilizer :confused:
If anything a ‘video stabilizer’ will worsen the signal, those are usually gimmicks for people to watch scrambled TV.

You probably either have to select the right input on the VCR/DVD unit or set it to channel 3 to allow the signal to come in from the composite signal.


curious as to how this turns out. been considering one of those since U-verse has DRM on most all programming which makes my (at the time of purchase) DVD burner worthless. This sounded like an alternative to being upset at U-verse and actually being able to record from DVR to burner


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The problem was solved!!! Thanks to XDIMAX customer support!!! :flower:
On a third sublevel of menu selections, the input for the recorder was set to S-video and not composite video.