Can not read disc, check disc problem



I was doing O.K. copying blu-ray (movie only) movies using anydvd, bd-rebuilder, and imgburn until just recently. The ripping, shrinking and burning process runs without errors until I play the finished bd-re (25 GB) disc on my blu-ray player. The last 5 out of 6 movies come back with error: “cannot read disc, check disc”. The movies have been both recent releases and older movies like Star trek 2, Godfather 3, Terminator 3, and Rocky Balboa converted to blu-ray format. I play the movie in bd-rb before I burn it so I know it’s there. How can I correct this problem? Thank you for your response.


25gb output from BD-Rebuilder is pretty much working for everyone these days, so I sincerely doubt it is something in the configuration of the files. Which leaves the media you are using or the burner. Try a different type of disk. Your player may be a bit picky.

You can also leave verify on in ImgBurn and see if it reports any problems. This process will take quite a bit more time.


I was successful copying 10 blu-ray movies with verbatim discs before this disc thing happened and now only 1 movie in 6. I also tried optical quantum bd-re 25 gb discs with no success. I don’t have the same problen when copying dvd movies using dvdshrink. I used verbatim dvd+rw 4.7 gb for those. Thank you very much for your input.


Can you read them in your bd writer on your computer?


I just tried playing using windows media player a movie that I burned to a bd-r and a bd-re disc. It tells me that the disc is empty. These movies play on my blu-ray player though.


Windows Media Player is not capable of playing Blu ray structure as far as I am aware. I just tried it with the latest version of WMP and it says the disk is empty when I inserted a commercially made blu ray disk, and did the same when I mounted an ISO in VirtualClone Drive.

To playback blu ray on the computer you will need one of the software packages meant for this, like WinDVD, PowerDVD or Arcsoft Total Media Theater.

You can use one of the free programs like VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema to open the largest m2ts file found in the Streams folder. This should start the main movie on most blu ray video, but playback may not be as smooth as with a commercial program. Blu ray movies made with seamless branching might prove to be a challenge for those free players.