Can not read contents of burned DVD from Lite-On dvdrw SOHW-1633s BPSA

Hi all, having a problem here. My desktop pc which is fully up to date with sp2, has a Lite-On dvdrw SOHW-1633s BPSA, seems to be burning DVDs just fine, however after the disk ejects after burning and I go to browse it (I am burning my photos) it is showing as basically blank. I have tried DVD-r, +r and RW’s…all the same result. I use Ashampoo Burning Suite and Sonic. Both same results. I know they are burning fine because I can throw the DVDs in my laptop and browse them fine there, however on my desktop, which burned the disc, no go. I can incidentally see the contents of burned CDs on this machine though. Any ideas why I am unable to view the burned contents on my desktop? This is making me loopy!
Thanks all!

Quite a site here, was directed here from someone else trying to help me.


[QUOTE=jpics;1871017]…Lite-On dvdrw SOHW-1633s BPSA, seems to be burning DVDs just fine…[/QUOTE]Were you able to read burned results before? Did you change anything in the meantime? As your drive must be a few years old, I would suggest to try flashing it with this firmware:
It’s the latest firmware for this generation of drives. It will turn your 1633 into a 1653 and recognizes more mediacodes. It served me well for over a year until my 1633 died a few months ago. I’s worth a try. Backup your current firmware with the Flash-Utility and your EEPROM with the EEPROM-utility first, to be able to reverse your steps if necessary.

:slight_smile: Leo