Can not play Original Games "Help"

I just got a new MSI FX5900xt video card, and it came with some free games, I installed Ghost recon, and now when I try to start the game, it asks me for the original CD, and now some of my other Original Games are asking me for the Original CD too but when I hit OK, i do not see the CDROM being accessed?? and the mesage does not go away??

I recently installed Blindwrite, and that may have caused this, but I do not understand the Auto Play feature…

I am using a standard CD-rom for my D: (general usage) and a liteon 52x CDRW as my E: drive.

so far, Ages of empires, postal 2 and Ghost recon do not work.

I have checked for virus, but have found none.

Something is wrong in paradise??

any ideal…

Please help


Check this recent thread an let us know if it doesn’t solve your problem…

Well this link does sound like the problems I was having, But I did not have a problem with the volume names, and I also use windows 98SE and I could not find the same entries in my Regstrey.

I wound up removing Blind Write from my system, and it seems to have fixed everything?? That is too bad, it seemed like a good easy backup program… but I can not use it if was the reason for my problem.

Thanks for your help.

Any sugestion on how I can use blind write correctly would be welcomed, or if there is anothe program that may be better than that…