Can not play DVD

I tried to play a disc,and got a message. This disc is not formatted to play in this region. All I have ever done to play a disc [movie] is place it in the DVD player,and hit play. I do put the tv on the proper channel. Could anyone point me in the right direction,I would appreciate it. Thank You

Depending on your dvd player, there might be an easy to apply hack that will make it region free.

Look for your player in this list:

If not, you can rip the dvd to the hard drive, then make a copy that doesn’t have the region code. For this get the free trial of AnyDVD and use it to rip the movie to the hard drive. If you need to compress it after ripping, use DVDShrink (a free compression program…just click on the word DVDShrink and it will take you to the download here at cdfreaks).
You’ll also need a dvd burner and a good quality blank dvd for this…we recommend Verbatim brand as a generally safe bet on media.

There is of course one other possible problem. If you are in the US, we use a standard called NTSC for tv and dvds. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL standard. If this particular disk is using a different standard, you might have to convert it also. Some players can handle both NTSC and PAL.

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Please note, I don’t live in US, (damn, I’m happy about that).

But this issue has been brought up here before;

Are you sure you linked the right thread pinto? Chelyan888 is trying to play a disk, not record a protected tv show.

This still seems to be either a dvd region code problem or PAL vs NTSC incompatibility, and maybe both.

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Although linked post is almost four months ago… with a Sony* stand-alone recorder/burner you are smoked when it comes to copyright protected content.
That’s what I learned anyway.

(Crude, I know. Ever worse, this been said from a owner of a hacked Sony stand-alone burner/player.
Note though, Sony stand-alone players are some of the best DVD readers ever, thanks to MediaTEK chipset.)