Can not play DVD on DVD ROM drive

I have a LG DVD-ROM DRD8080B drive and TEAC CD-W54E rewriteable drive that came with my IBM Aptiva PII 700 purchased April 2000. When I load a DVD, DVDExpress ™ Mediamatics, a National Semiconductor Company starts a player which gives me an error message:

“Unable to create a video window, please try altering display settings”

There are not many display settings and I have tried all combinations with no luck.

I went to National Semiconductors site but they no longer support this.

I’d like to be able to play DVDs. What is my easiest fix? Can I simply download another player?

I am able to read the DVD in windows explorer and can see the title of the DVD, Video-ts folder with all of the VOB, BUP, IFO files. Does this help?



Im having a simalar problem with a game. But none of that seems familiar with the other adice other people gave me. Some suggest to just get a whole new other system, but Id rather not. But maybe ill try yours.

Try another DVD player. CyberLink PowerDVD is a favorite.

If its a newer game a lot of them are copy protected. I had a friend that had an older computer and he could run any games by EA. The old dvd-rom in his cpu could deal the copy protection. also try vlc media player, i believe it also plays dvds and its free.