Can not make up my mind with firmware

So many firmware, each person with there own view, ive lost my mind…can i get a simple straight foward response or summary, which is the best firmware for a 1620 non-pro…even though they are the same drive.

You said it yourself. Each person has their own opinion, so eventually you will have to make the final choice for yourself.

Personally, I have found that the latest version (B7V9) works fine with my 1620. Generally, I would recommend using the latest version, since it contains the latest write strategies and all of the fixes that Benq has implemented.

Nicely said Scandy.

Yeah, I have the B7V9RPC1 for removing that annoying region control :slight_smile:
I also removed the riplock by using mediacodespeededit, and I do not encounter any problems so far, only benefits :bow: