Can not install C&C Generals

I just reformatted my PC. (XP)

I attempted to install C&C Generals and it says "C&C Generals was not found. Please install the Full Version of C&C Generals and Try again.

Now this is the original CD I bought in the store!! It worked 2 weeks ago when I installed it. What could be the problem? I also tried it on my other PC… and nothing! I have a Lite on 52x burner and a DVD player and I tried them on both.

I do Alcohol 120% installed, but I uninstalled that and nothing as well. Please help!

Sounds to me u have an expansion pack?? no? SasArchiver

Yes, Im such an ass… I was trying to install exp. pack w/ out the other one.

Im so embarrassed. :slight_smile:

lol nice try though :wink: