Can not get movies to play on DVD playrer (Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S54EG-S Silver)

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S54EG-S Silver. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I download movies w/my “dell ispiron 530s” They play great on the computer…Burn them, they play on different computrer…Put them in "panosonic DMR-ES46V ( silver)…Says "incompatable…Same w/USB stick but put in TV it reads no “jpb”… Hope someone can help…Not a good guru so make it simple…Paul

what software are you using to burn with ?
what kind of dvd writer do you have?

I have Free studio manager…If there is something that works let me know

try dvdfab. it should be able to help you. there is a trial version that includes dvd decryptor which remains after the trial. i hope this helps.

I had that also. make sure they are not in PAL, they need to be NTSC in the U.S.

The reason they don’t play is that they are more than likely in a different format and need to be converted, what format are they in

master format

What is the extension? .AVI for example.

Do not understand how to know extension…When i hit format it gave two choises ,living and master…I took master