Can not get back up to work

My wife is a school teacher and has a program called board maker. It is aprogram tohelp students with their speech problems. The company will allow the program to be installed on a number of computers; however the origianl cd must be used to operated the program. I have duplicated the cd with instand copy and nero, but the dupes will not operate the program, only the original. what am I missiing

look in Alcohol forum and you should find the answer cause you need better copying software

The first thing you will neec to do is to find out what protection is on the CD. You can find a program to do this here.

Once you know what is protecting the CD you can use the right program to copy it.

A rough guide to what program to use is,

Alcohol = SafeDisc, Starforce 1+2, SecuROM 4.85xx w/ emulation
Blindwrite = SecuROM 4.85xxx(perfect with Plex Premium)
CloneCD = SecuROM 4.85xxx(CloneCD + Twinpeaks + BWA), Laserlock, Ring Protech
DiskDump + FireBurner = SafeDisc 2.51+

Can’t Do = StarForce 3, Tages

With most new copy protections making a working copy depends upon your CD burner as well.