Can not copy or backup a dvd



Hi there,

I’m having this problem for the first time. I always used DVD-Shrink to make backups of my movies, but now I went in Europe and bought some Movies which are in a foreign language. Till now those movies had no-protection or anything but now … I am not able to back it up and is being scratched everyday more and more. When I browse the disk i only see the Video TS folder and it’s size is 4.33Gb , when I enter inside the folder and check the properties, size says 348Gb .? Thus, I don’t get it. If anyone can help I’ll apprecciate it.

Says it has CSS protection but I tried with lots of softwares to remove it which happens with regionfree+css but , to decrypt it size is what matters …


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DVD Shrink is not more updated, so its ripping capabilities are really limited. I suggest to use a different software for your rippings.

Currently, the better choices are AnyDVD and RipIt4Me. With one of these solutions you should be able to rip that disc.

If the disc is scratched, all problems due to scratches cannot be solved by any ripping software. The only thing you can try is to use a different drive, because different drives have different error correction capabilities.