Can not close DVD-R with NERO

I got this BTC a week a ago at OfficeMax for $62 after rebate, came with 038, updated it to 043, I started using pinnacle instantcopy 8.0, with the included +rw it works fine, disc even plays in the tabletop dvd player, but I just bought a pack of imation dvd-r which is ritekG03, and I have got three coasters

the first two failed ones were burned with instantcopy, both times instantcopy would say burn is successful, the difference is that the first coaster was burned in an external USB 2.0 enclosure but would neither play in the BTC nor in any other players, I then moved the BTC to internal IDE and lowered the burn speed to minimum on the 2nd coaster, this time it could be read back by BTC only but not on any others

for the third one I dropped instantcopy and started using Nero instead to burn at 2x with the wizard/DVD-Video, it went ok for the first 99% until the very last moment when it says can not do “disc at once”, then I put this disc in DVD-ROM it plays the individual files but as a movie it won’t play from the beginning in sequence as it should, I know I am getting there please let me know how to finalize this disc so it won’t have the error at the end of the burn process, thanks

– Here is the log for the failed burn using nero DVD-Video/wizard:

5:22:01 PM #33 DVDR -1064 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1468
Invalid block address

5:22:01 PM #34 TRANSFER -24 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1468
Could not perform end of Disc-At-Once

5:22:01 PM #35 CDR -201 File WriterStatus.cpp, Line 163
Invalid write state

5:22:01 PM #36 TRANSFER -24 File WriterStatus.cpp, Line 163
Could not perform end of Disc-At-Once

5:22:01 PM #37 Phase 34 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1655
Simulation failed at 2x (2,760 KB/s)

– Simulation also failed at 1x

UPDATE: tonight I’ve uninstalled roxie, instantcopy, nero and reinstalled nero, this time instead of using the wizard/DVD-Video, I use DVD-UDF/ISO and have burned three discs in succession successfully and they play on lite-on DVD-ROM and component AKAI DVD-200BL with no problem at all, quality is very good with no pausing stuttering etc. I even checked the end part and it played well, the only thing is on computer using winDVD the discs can not show the root menus thus won’t play, but powerDVD and the AKAI play it just like the original

BTC is at 043, everything is burned at 1x, the mediacode says 1x only, but I may try 2x tomorrow because it passed simulation earlier

just did another simulation using wizard/DVD-Video at 2x and it did not have any errors like before, so I am suspecting the uninstalling other mastering software and reinstalling nero did the trick

the imation DVD-R I use is $19.99 after rebate on sale for 25 spindle at OfficeMax and the one I get is ritekG03, the 25 spindle DVD+R spindle I get is CMC MAG R01 which also shows compatible on BTC website, I will update once I try it out

just did three more good burns on riteks using wizard/DVD-Video the menus shows up on every player, the missing menu last night is due to using DVD-UDF/ISO, so now it confirms it’s not using wizard/DVD-Video that ruins my discs, but having several mastering software causing conflict

media code speed for ritek is 1x, but I have successfully used 2x

CDSpeed reveals there are no errors on file test and 100% green on surface scans on the riteks

I successfully burnt an Imation DVD-R (ritekG03) using Nero and it plays in my standalone DVD player. I believe the firmware was v043 at the time. I don’t remember getting an error message in Nero.

with nero i got an “ernergycalibration error” (i don´t know) when trying to write sony dvd-r, nero also allowed only to write 1x. no error when writing 1x, after finishing --> message: no disk in drive

writing with clone dvd also failed.

does anybody knows a good writing sofware for 1004ide and where can i get this.???

I think Marcos said in the other thread sony dvd-r is not supported yet, so it helps to try one that’s compatible, also you say you have clonedvd and nero, try to keep just one mastering software and see if it makes a difference, it did for me, also does your BTC work with the included ridata dvd+RW?

EIGHT months later this message is a lifesaver! :slight_smile:
Although I use Nero v5.5.10.56 (the only version of the 5.5-series Nero keeps on their FTP-site, so I guess they consider it the best one of that series) and the burned DVD-r’s do play with WinDVD and in fact with everything I tried.
After so many coasters, all the cheap bulk-DVD-r’s burn perfectly (5 so far, knock on wood) with the above method!

Thanks a lot, cdf!