Can not choose the Spilt Title




I am using DVDFab and encountered the following two problems when I tried to split a DVD which is already stored on my HDD as VIDEO_TS folder.

1. While trying to split I can not choose from the List of the split titles. Does not matter how many times I try, it simply goes back to the Split Title selected as default by the program. In my case the available Split titles are from 13 to 21. I have checked the movie and for me the preferable chapter to split is 15 (1-14 in one disc and 15-32 in the 2nd disc). by default chapter 21 is selected as the Split title, and does not matter how many times I try I can not select 15 as the split title.

Please note, the I tried to split the same DVD using old version 4 (installed at a different location) and I can choose Chapter 15 as a split title without any problem.

I tried the option Customize Split option and I can easily select required chapters for either of the discs, but the problem is in the split DVDs, “insert Disc 2” or “insert Disc 1” are not available. I have set the Default CGP to be DVDFab, but still I can not see these CGPs in the split titles.

Please tell me how to resolve these issues. :frowning:

Thank you


Any help please? :frowning:


I’ll take a stab at this, realizing full well that I could be corrected at any time…

I suspect the split title option was written with the idea in mind that the files would ultimately be written to single layer discs, not stored on HD where the file size of one S/L disc is not a factor.

To verify this, check the size of each option (default program split vs your desired split) and see what the totals would be in terms of S/L DVD (and full VOB, not partial) writes.

That may explain why you can’t change the program defaults.

Your second question is going to need a little research on my part - will get back to you on that…




Re your comments re default CGPs and the DVDFab setting… you may have to wait for Ting or Fengtao to respond to get a definitive answer to that question.

I can’t help you there…




If selecting Chapter 15 would produce compression on disc 2 it will be unavailable. Split mode does not compress and is designed to produce discs or HDD folders at the full bitrate of the original. Customize Split works differently and will allow compression on either or both ouput discs. I only use it for splitting TV episodes, so I don’t know if the CGP even works in that mode. Just looked, it apparently does not. Not sure if this is what you are seeing.