Can not change write speed DL DVD & nero



I can not change the write speed for DL DVD discs, Nero keeps changing it to 4X, but I need 2.4X.

Burner = LG hl-dt-st dvd-ram gsa-h22n

Media = memorex DVD+R DL

Nero Version (but this also happened with nero OEM Version 6.???)

the drop down menu is grayed out and 4X is the speed it chooses.

I don’t understand why this software is award winning but can not let you change your own write speed or detect the correct one.

15$ worth of coasters so far on this project.


Memorex is the worse media for DL try to use Verbatim many member try to avoid using memorex for DL burning.


I will no longer buy memorex, but how do I get Nero to write at the speed I want not the speed it incorrectly chooses?


I tried using Alcohol 120%, and a similar thing happened, it won’t let me choose any option other then 4X or maximum.

Is it possible my drive has a minimum speed of 4X for writing ?


With some media you won’t get a chance to select the burn speed. It’s possible that the Memorex media isn’t recognised by the burner so a default speed is the only one offered or that the firmware only has 4x as the option for this media.

With DL media don’t expect a wide range of options.