Can not burn game with LG Ced-8080b

hi again i have a LG CED-8080B burner and cannot seem to burn vietcong on it from alcohol so is best to get an updated burner? and if so any suggestions as to a good cheap one as i am a pensioner

Originally posted by Pom
cannot seem to burn vietcong

How do you mean? The copy doesnt work, or the burns fail?

But to answer your other question, I highly reccommend a Lite-On drive, the Lite-On 52246S (52x Read, 52X Write 24X Re-Write) is a superb drive and can be found for under $100AU. I bought mine from a swapmeet in February for $92.

I just had a quick look and I found them for $82. Cheaper and cheaper :smiley:

:cool: thanks but have bought the asus 4824a and am very pleased with it so far

The LG 8080b is not a 2 sheep burner. I purchased one of the 52x burners though the GCE-8520B
can do protected stuff and its a 2 sheep burner.