Can not Burn DVDs or CDs

I have a pioneer DVR K-14 can not find any firmware just loads of ppl saying that it does not work “Shouldn’t pioneer have looked into this”

First error is

Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disc. Unknown error - use extended data for more information (1051). Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 3 ASC: 31 ASCQ: 0

I have been trying to solve this for 2 days now please help chaps

oh am using CDBurner XP pro 3 at the mo

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I’m transferring this to the Pioneer burner forum.

Who is the manufacturer of the Laptop?

Hi there its a Sony Vaio PCG-K315M

Then the sony support should be able to help you.

E-mailed both Sony and pioneer both have not replied its been 4 days

@ Biddy Bowls,

If you cannot get any response from either Sony or Pioneer for your Sony Vaio PCG-K315M problem suggest returning your Sony Vaio PCG-K315M to whomever you purchased it from and demand Customer/Technical Service for your problem.