Can not back-up DVD Please Help

I am trying to back up a DVD I just purchased and I keep getting an error ‘cyclic redundancy check’. I read up on this error and learned its when 1 part of the DVD is messed up. Is this when you see those half second skips on DVDs? I ask because I can still play the DVD and watch it on my computer too. But I cannot back it up! I did a lot of research on how to get around this and to possibly just copy the disc the way it is, I don’t mind the 1 second skips I just want a back up.

 I have tried using a few different programs DVD shrink, DVD Decrypter but still no luck. This has been happening to me a lot lately when trying to back up a few of my movies last week I got about 3 of these cyclic redundancy check errors. It's pretty frustrating that I bought a DVD and it hasn't even been watched yet and cannot be burned. 

Thanks for any help posted I appreciate it.

Return to the store and exchange it. If you just bought it they should happily exchange it.

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Which movies are you trying to backup? Since you say this has happened on several movies, you may be running into some of the newer protection schemes that DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink cannot handle by themselves.

Have you tried DVDFab HD Decrypter yet? It is a free decrypter/ripping program that is still being updated.

And you might think about investing in a copy of AnyDVD. It will run in the background, decrypt the dvd, and allow you to rip to the hard drive with whichever ripping program you like—such as DVDDecrypter for example.

By the way, is your dvd drive working correctly in other respects? Does it play other movies without problems?

Well the DVDs that I am trying to back up are Apocolypto and The Wire Season 1. I first tried backing up both nothing worked then I posted this thread, after reading up more I downloaded AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. It didn’t work. I then downloaded DVDFab and I ignored some errors and it looks as though it copied all of it. I won’t know for sure until I watch it but I hope its just a 1 second skip and not a freeze up or something. Anyone have experience with ignoring errors on DVDFab? I’m wondering because I want to know if it effects the DVD in a negative way such as freezing or skips.

Its too late for me to go return the DVDs now but I might tomorrow, it seems to play perfectly but not when backing up. Kerry you are talking about new protection schemes on DVDs? I think that actually might be the problem because I never ran into these problems when I got my burner 3 years ago. So AnyDVD will get rid of the protection on the disc so I can back them up? I left it running while it was backing up on CloneDVD2 and the error still occurred. Are you suppost to leave the options on default? Well anyway thanks for the help Kerry and teddy I appreciate it.

Edit: I would also like to know if there is a list with each type of protection DVDs use and which programs can crack it. Also does anyone know if Lost Season 2 is protected in that way, I was able to back up season 1 but season 2 on EVERY disc I get this CRC error.

Lets hope your copy made with DVDFab works ok. AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 should have worked though…maybe you have a combination of problems here. Perhaps this one is a defective disk as olyteddy suggested, and newer protection schemes have been thwarting your backups on other disks.

AnyDVD and the DVDFab products are the best bets on breaking the new protection schemes. There is another one called RipIt4Me, but it won’t be updated now that Sony has pretty much crushed development.

I don’t know of a list of dvds and their related protections. It might get a bit complicated since the same protection isn’t used consistently across dvd regions. Sony pictures tend to have ARcoSS, but there are other types, like Macrovision’s RipGuard and a fairly new type called ProtectDVD.

Your Lost Season 2 disk may work now with AnyDVD running in the background. Have you tried it again? Try ripping it with DVDDecrypter + AnyDVD. Don’t try to use DVDFab programs and AnyDVD at the same time by the way. They aren’t compatible.

The back up of The Wire worked perfectly. I just tried backing up my copy of Lost Season 2 and I can now back it up onto my harddrive but when I compress the folder that DVDFAB and AnyDVD outputs (I tried using both programs) the voices of everyone is gone. I can hear everything else but not anyone talking. I use DVDShrink to compress it to an .ISO then burn it with Alcohol 120%. This is what I did with The Wire which worked out. I’m not sure if it’s happening after its being compressed because in the DVDShrink viewer I could here it before it was compressed, and since you can’t preview .ISO files I can’t tell if its just the program that is hearing the voices. Well I’m still trying to figure out why the voices disappear but the music and sound effects stay. Do you have any idea whats wrong?

It sounds like one of the audio streams isn’t being included with the ISO you made with DVDShrink. Don’t know why exactly. Do the files play correctly from the hard drive folder? (before using Shrink)

Well the files play correctly on DVDShrink but after the ISO is made I can’t preview it through the HD without mounting it. After mounting I just get the same as the finished product, the audio is messed up. Also is there a way to keep menu’s functioning on DVDFab. Lost Season 2’s menus were missing.

Put the entire dvd on the hard drive in file mode using DVDFab HD Decrypter. No compression this way. Open it with a media player that can handle dvd files, like PowerDVD or Media Player Classic or VLC. It should play ok.

THEN do your compression with Shrink. Examine which streams you are putting into the dvd. You can output as an ISO if you want or in file mode again. I prefer ImgBurn for burning dvd videos.

Imgburn can build an ISO for you if you have files made to the proper size, it can burn straight to disk without having to use up more room on the hard drive with an ISO if you prefer, and it can handle ISO’s directly. You might want to try it.

Also, on a large dvd, like most of the episodic dvds you get from tv shows, I like to use DVDRebuilder and keep the entire disk intact. The quality will be much better than any transcoder like Shrink. Use the HC encoder that is included with the program. Your menus should be intact and fully functional if you redo the whole dvd.

I’d output to ISO and check it in VLC player. VLC mounts ISO files and is a good way to check the transcoding and editing without burning first. Then use ImgBurn.

I am previewing my ISOs by mounting to alcohol 120% is this not a good way? I just tried backing up The Wire Season 1 Disc 2 and I lost the voices just like in Lost. This is starting to piss me off, I’ve backed up 400+ movies and just recently with these 2 boxsets I’ve been having so many problems.

I always used DVDShrink and just copied it to an ISO or before that was available on DVDShrink I just burned them as video files and used NERO. Never any problems and now I guess companies have finally figured a way to protect their movies and none of these programs I have (dvdfab,dvdshrink,anydvd,clonedvd2) can copy them correctly. I made a copy and it seemed to be fine but I forgot to click preserve menus in clonedvd2. So I go back to do it again and now it has the menus but fucked up sound.

Its no ones fault but mine but I just can’t figure this out, I’ve read over this forum alittle bit and it seems like you guys have so many procedures to go through to get a working DVD. Could someone tell me a procedure that work work for my audio problems? Am I having problems with the audio because I am taking out the Spanish and French audio? I’ve taken them out hundreds of times with dvdshrink and no problems. Thanks for any help posted.

I am previewing my ISOs by mounting to alcohol 120% is this not a good way?

an excellent way!

Could someone tell me a procedure that work work for my audio problems?

Posted by Kerry56 two posts back

1.Put the entire dvd on the hard drive in file mode using DVDFab HD Decrypter. No compression this way. 2. THEN do your compression with Shrink. Examine which streams you are putting into the dvd. 3. ImgBurn for burning dvd videos.

give Kerrys56 way a try it will work. :bigsmile:

good luck

I have done that procedure before and it didn’t work. I finally got The Wire Disc 2 to work by using DVDShrink. Why is DVDShrink gonna work now and it didn’t yesterday? Maybe I didn’t have AnyDVD running before but I did today. I’m gonna try this with Lost Season 2 also. I burned the firsst disc of The Wire using DVDFab to copy the disc to the harddrive then use DVShrink and it worked but when I did it with Disc 2 it didn’t. Whats going on with these discs? Again it could have been that I didn’t have AnyDVD on the first time but I’m pretty sure I did.