Can not activate NextDVDCopy

Had to reinstall using CD. Putting in activation code it says NO CONNECTION TO THE SERVER, IF YOU ARE BEHIND A PROXY ENTER ITS SETTINGS. This did not happen the first time. How do I give it the answer it needs. All Internet functions work fine.

Using cable modem

Thank you

Maybe a MOD can move this to the DVDNextCopy Forum

DNC server might have been down you can try again to see but instead of using the CD just download the newest update you need from here

[B]DVD neXt COPY V2.9.9.8b Release[/B]

[B]DVD neXt COPY Ultimate V3.0.5.3 Released[/B]

You then add your registration key the same as you would when using the CD

The server may have went down temporarily. Keep trying and or contact