Can no longer burn cds :(

hi i can no longer burn cds :frowning: using nero or alcohol 120%. i think i know wat the prob is tho under my computer it comes up as 2 disk drives (cd dvd) 1 says DVD-RW drive (D) and the other which has mysteriously appears reads DVD drive (E). what i need to know is how do i remove the e drive and wat is it doing.

When you run programs like Alcohol or Clonecd, you get a Virtual Drive. This is not a problem. Perhaps your burner has simply diedā€¦ Can you read a pressed CD.

try in program managerā€¦system devicesā€¦removing your burner from the listā€¦reboot and let windows find it as a new device, see if that breaths new life into itā€¦as stated aboveā€¦it may just be dead and working sketchy info hereā€¦:slight_smile: