Can new LiteOn CDRWs burn 4x?

My old Plextor CDRW expired, so tonight I installed the inexpensive LiteOn SOHC-5236V CDRW/DVD-ROM combo drive. Looked just like what the doctor ordered to extend the life of an old, but not dead, system.

The drive installed OK, I have not installed any of the included software yet. But I notice using my old burning software (Easy CD Creator 5) that I only have 3 burn speed options–12x, 16x, and SmartBurn. When I used my old Plextor drive, I had a more burn speed options, such as 4x.

I have finicky CD players that (on my Plextor, using TY media) absolutely will not read CDs burned higher than 4x. Can I burn CDRWs at 4x on this model LiteOn? I just assumed that all drives would support burning at 4x speeds. Does the Nero software bundled with the drive allow manual 4x burns?