Can NeroVision Express export a video to Nero Digital?

To anybody out there,

Does your version show this as an export option?
Mine doesn’t but the manual shows it as an option on page 76!
Any Answers? Can the program do this or not?

Nope, not listed as an option for me anymore either. I uninstalled Nero and Recode, cleaned up, reinstalled both, and then entered my serial. I saw Nero Digital Option. A day later, recode wanted my serial number. Gave it my Nero serial and it stopped prompting, but I’ll be dern if the Nero Digital option is gone again!

Starting with the Nero Digital features require a seperate Nero Digital product key. :cop:

Oddly enough, starting with there is no need for DVD-Video plugin, Multichannel, or LAME MP3 Powerpack keys anymore. If you have Nero 6 Ultra, you have those features.

Ahead seems to change what features need their own keys with every release. This is more of a pain to legit users than anyone else.