Can Nero write an Image to HD?

:smiley: Hello all!

I just installed Nero and began poking around all its many menus. Having been a devoted “Easy CD Creator Platinum 5.1” user for so long, I expected it would be easy to find this feature in Nero:

Write a compilation to HD as an .ISO file (before burning to CD)

Is this possible in Nero? I searched and searched but could never find an (obvious) opportunity to record just such an image file to HD. The purpose of doing so, of course, is to make multiple CD-R copies in the future.

Thanks for any pointers.

  • Tim

I copied this from my web site, hope I did it right…If you find errors let me know please. I use these “How To’s” for my family and friends.

  1. Example Of Burning a CD

In the following example I am using a LiteOn 32123A burner and Nero’s latest version, (22 June 2002)

I created a file under C:\ that I named “Pre Burn”. When I say “burn to the hard drive” I am referring to this “Pre Burn” folder.

To “Burn” the image to your hard drive first (highly recommended) and then to an empty CD, do this:

  1. Start Nero, X out the “New Compilation” dialog that pops up. Click “Recorder” on the Menu bar, drop down to “Choose Recorder” and click. On the “Choose Recorder” dialog that pops up, highlight “Image Recorder” and click the “OK” button. This sets you up to “burn to the hard drive” regardless of what you are burning.

  2. Stick the CD you want to copy into your burner. (I don’t use a CD-ROM I only use a burner) Now click “File” on the Menu bar and drop down to CD-Copy, click it. Click the “Copy Options” tab on the “New Compilation” dialog that pops up and select which drive the source CD is in. Click the “OK” button in the upper right hand corner to begin “burning the image” to your hard drive. You will have to give the burn file a name and save it in your Pre-Burn folder.

  3. When it’s finished and you’re back in Nero and ready to burn the actual CD, stick an empty CD-R in the burner. Click “Recorder”, “Choose Recorder” and highlight “Lite-On LTR-32123S” (example of the type burner) on the “Choose Recorder” dialog that pops up. Click “OK”. You are now set back to burn to a CD.

  4. Click “File” again and select “Burn Image”. Go through and find the burn file you just saved and open it. Select your “Write Speed” and click the “Write” button in the upper right hand corner when you are ready to burn the CD.

Thank you for explaining how to do the pre-burn image.

I might never have figured out (and, yes, I DO read Help Files, but I must not be firing on all cylinders today) how to do that.

Now, if someone posts a satisfactory explanation on my other thread, of how to manually dictate to Nero how to rename files with too-long filenames…I’ll be 100% sold on Nero.

I hope this thread at least helped some other poor soul. :slight_smile:

  • Tim

Glad I helped a little bit. Wish I could help you with the long file names problem too. :smiley: