Can Nero overburn on 1650/1655 yet?



Is ImgBurn still the only game in town for overburning on the 1650/1655? It sure would be handy to not have to make an iso first to put extra megs onto a DVD :frowning:

Has nero 7 or any other app added support?


You don’t need to make an ISO first with ImgBurn anyway. Just switch the output in build mode to the burner & away you go.


OMG how long has “build” mode been in imgburn?
Very happy camper now! :slight_smile: thanks for the tip…

added: aha! I see it’s new since 2.0 (at least the direct drive output instead of iso) at least I don’t feel like a fool if this had been around for a year now… :wink:


Don’t worry , I only recently found out about the direct drive output option.