CAN nero media player 6 plays dvds?

i own nero 6 express, one of the software that came with it was called
“nero media player 6”

i don’t have any dvd codec OR power dvd OR any kind of dvd playback software.

i don’t have ANY CODEC OR PLAYER! repeat, i don’t have any of them.

now i want to know:

-can nero media player plays dvd?

that’s all i’m asking, please reply soon.

Some OEM versions came with the optional DVD plugins, while other versions came with time limited DVD plugins and others came with full use plugins. Full retail versions of Nero 6 came with DVD plugins. Put a DVD in and see if it plays, won’t that tell you?

Nice way to say that, wobble.

well on my nero 6 express cd

it saids: OEM

-can anyone tell me if this oem version will be able to play dvds?

-what is a limited plugin? how limited is it?

-i heard it’s possible to check to see if pc is dvd apable in windows media player, how do i do that?

no i don’t have any dvds on my hands right now. thanks for helping

Nero Media player won’t play DVDs. Nero Showtime might like I said before. I have seen some of the early versions of Nero 6 OEM That say on the paper sleeve that the disc came in “limited DVD support”. Other than that I don’t know any way to tell whether it does or does not without trying it.
Windows Media Player 10 supports playing DVDs.

other than inserting an actual dvd in to the drive, there’s no other way to check if my pc had any kind of dvd decoder installed correct?

i don’t have a dvd on my hands right now, i don’t, what should i do? i live in hong kong and the cheapest dvd cost 15 dollars us here, it’s not that i don’t have money to buy them, i just don’t want to buy something that i don’t need.

i’m not downloading any decoder, since the point of this was to test if nero could play dvds out of the box.

well i’ve figure something out, thanks for the help.

I don’t think the Nero Media Player has any restriction for playing DVD, but in case it does, then you have other choices to play DVD with Windows Media Player and Real One Media Player both you can download, install and use for free.