Can Nero make an image of a disc?

I can find where to make a disc from an existing image
I can even find in Nero help that it can make a disc image
I can’t find how to make an image from a disc

Change the destination to ‘image recorder’.

I can’t find it either but there is a way. Just tell Nero to copy the disc, and remember where it puts the intermediate image file. As you probably know, Nero uses the .nrg file name extension instead of the more common .iso for it’s image files.

If you have Nero Burning ROM, you can start the process by clicking Recorder > Copy disc.

Nero will tell you to insert the source disc, then it will make the image. Then it will ask for the destination disc. Kill Nero. Job done.

I should mention that I only have copied data discs. Copy protected discs might be a different story.