Can Nero erase DVD-RWs?

When I bought Pioneer DVDR A04/104, it includes RecordNow DX software for burning both CD and DVD medias. But I choose Nero since it is a more powerful software I believe. I have the latest Nero Burning Rom (v5.5.10.20) installed already on my PC to do my daily CD-RW burnings and erasing.

I was wondering whether Nero can also erase DVD-RW medias instead of just burning them; the Recorder menu where you can select Erase Re-writable… is labeled Erase CD-RW.

Thanks again for the help. I’ll be waiting for a reply.

Yes; see Help | Help Topics | Miscellaneous | Erasing data from rewritable discs.:cool:

O okay. Thanks.
Although I can’t find the .hlp file. :slight_smile: But thanks anyway.

u have to download and install a language pack to get the help file.