Can Nero do this?



I will be burning a music CD in the near future. When loaded into a computer’s CD drive, I would like it to display the track titles in the playlist window of Windows Media Player and the artist/title info in the main window just as commercially made CDs do. I have burned CDs in the past and they display “Track 1”, “Track 2” and so on in the playlist section but not the actual track titles. Does Nero have the capability to do this? If so, how? If Nero can’t, do you know of any programs that can? Thanks.


Not all purchased cds act like that when played with windows mediaplayer, I just tested 3 cds and not one displayed the track names. But they are displayed in every other player.
If you want the album for computer playback it would be better to convert the cd to mp3, mp4 etc.


Windows Media Player cannot read CD-Text from Audio-CD’s. It only can retrieve information from Internet. Every audio cd has it’s unique ID code. So, when you create your own audio CD, it’s ID isn’t known to AMG. But you can add it to AMG database as user feedback. Put this CD in your drive, start WMP and go to Copy from CD. Click Find album info. Then click Change button and wright album title,album name and track names. Then click Add,OK or something like this.(sorry, i don’t remember the english name for this button.) Now information about your CD will be saved in the AMG database. Next time when you want to listen this CD Windows Media Player can find information in Internet.

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OK. I thought it might be something like that, but I wanted to check first to make sure.


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