Can Nero do 1:1 Copies?

I’m asking this because every question about making back-ups is answered with “Get Alcohol” or “Get Clone CD”.
Well, I bought Nero. Mostly because of the audio capabilities, but also because I like making backups and images of our games so the kids can play on our peer to peer network. And to be honest, I haven’t had much success with Nero yet with the images or copies… Though I’m slowly getting the hang of the Audio end.
Should I just forget the backup idea with Nero?


What problems are you having with the copies?

Basically, I can’t play images, ones that I make now and ones that used to work just fine. I never could burn the images to a disc, which I attributed to the copyright protection.
I posted a question concerning that here:
I don’t know if it’s a problem with my burner, my computer or windows or what. I do plan on doing a format of my hard drive… whenever I get a day or two.

Back to the question though, How is Nero compared to Alcohol or Clone CD? The thing that appealed to me was the all-in-one suite with the audio. I’m still llearning the audio end so I’ll save my questions about that later.