Can Nero Copy Protected cds like clone?

The New Versions of Nero Burning Rom etc… They now support writing cds with DAO/96. Does this mean it can be used to make copies (backups) of protected cds like clonecd??


Theoretically, forcing raw reading with Nero and writing Raw with no error corection could give you a working backup.

That’s in theory though, as i very much doubt Nero can give you a perfect raw image that would work with no emulation in DT. Besides the lack of FES or alternative reading or any similar proccess would result in prolonged readings that could last for hours. In addition i wouldnt trust the raw writing capabilities of Nero’s engine… So i am afraid Tax is right

Your question is somewhat difficult to answer though with 100% certainty. Unless you try it yourself :wink:

Besides Nero is known by everyone as a compiling or creation software, as it is best at making data, audio, and misc CDs. Leave all the copying to CloneCD, Blindread/write, and CDMate.

As hemi said above, nero can, in theory, duplicate safedisc protected games by forcing a raw read and write. However, it isn’t practical to use nero for this purpose as it would take an inordinate amount of time to read the protected cd with nero and there would be no guarantee of success in any event. It can, however, be used in conjunction with discdump (a freeware program developed for imaging safedisc protected cds) for copying safedisc protected games.

Insofar as securom and libcrypt protected psx are concerned, it isn’t even theoretically possible to use nero on its own. The reason for this is that although nero can write in dao96 mode it does not provide any option for reading sub-channel data from data tracks (only from audio tracks).