Can nero check quality of DL dvdrs?

I burned my first DL dvd+r today and I want to know if the nero quality test is accurate. Or if it does not support it properly.This scan isnt to good looking compared to regualr dvd+rs I have tested. Anyone shed some light on this.

RITEKD01 is fairly mediocre DL media; try Verbatim/Mitsubishi (MKM001).

So its just a shitty burn then? it was playing in my dvd player ok, well not all the way through yet, but it started to.

That is a very shitty burn. Ritek make awful DL media, you really should only buy MKM/Verbatim, like Two Degrees suggested.


Actually it seems good. No skips or anything. A bad scan doesnt mean its going to degrade any faster either so… I think we put to much faith in these scans.
And since Verbatim is twice as much, not to mention DL dvds are an arm and a leg to being with…it plays fine in my dvd player so I wouldnt know the diff. if i hadnt scanned it.
Plus the results were much different when I scanned it at 4x and 8x so, Im wont lose any sleep over it.

DVDs do degrade over time, at least somewhat (please experts, correct me if i’m wrong.) Having already extremely high PIE/PIF measns it isn’t going to take much in the way of degradation to ruin the disc.

Even if this DVD currently okay, which i’d be very suprised of with that huge PIF spike, it isn’t going to last long. If I were you i’d run a surface scan from within CD Speed and see if the data is infact intact.

Let the 0 quality score speak for itself. :wink:


Oh its intact. I watched the movie.

I would still run the transfer rate test & the scandisc test just to be sure though.