Can nero burn clonecd images?

i’m thinking that nero can burn clone cd images. this was just a random thought that i had. thats the ‘smaller’ thought i had today. the grander thought was could nero burn a betablocker patched clonecd image, and get safedisc right? we know that nero screws up reading safedisc, but will it write it correctly, if the data is there? i’m posing this to someone out there with a little free time, and a cdrw disc :wink:

if ya are confused, make the clonecd image, open nero, file > burn image, navigate to the directory with the clonecd image view all files in the directory to find the .cdd, .img, and .sub files, i believe. burn the .img file with mode1 2048 bytes per sector, and it should work as normal. just a random thought that occured burning a bin (lets not talk about how the bin came into my possession)

use the cue file option in clonecd and import it in to nero
(file->burn image)

let us know if it works
(i think the cue file only looks at the *.img file, not at the subs)

I also know that i burned (dao/96) safedisk protected cd’s with nero, But the cue/bin files were extracted with cdrwin