Can Nero and Easy Media Creator co-exist?



There are features in each package that I perfer over the other package and would like to have both installed on my system. The question is does having both packages installed on the same system create any problems?


No. I have had both on my system. Just don’t install Nero In-CD or Roxios Drag-To-Disc, as these will cause conflicts.


Never has done for me over numerous years.

Avoid installing InCD & DragToDisk together. In fact avoid InCD totally. DragToDisk is much better if you need that feature.

I’ve stuck to Nero 6 & Roxio 7.5. I feel that Nero 7 is too buggy to install & in truth I don’t need any of the new features & with Roxio 8 they’ve changed far to much to Sonic’s way of doing things and nothing there to persuade me to update.

Like you I use various features of each, for instance I always use Creator Classic for mp3 & Audio CD compiling & burning but use Nero for DVD burning & data CD/DVD creation.


Thanks Gentlemen! You have been very helpful. Appreciated very much.