Can Nero 6 do this?

I purchased a 10-volume set of Disco classics on cd’s but the cd’s were recorded with little “Bass” and some songs here and there have different “volume” levels, I would like to have the volume of each cd “normalised” to one constant level and I would like to add around “80hz” of Bass to each cd, can Nero do the above please?

You can do this with Nero Wave Editor. First, rip your AudioCDs with Nero or EAC (better way) to wave files. You can download EAC from here:
after configuring EAC (3-10 minutes :wink: ) choose Actions>Copy Image & Create CUE Sheet>uncompressed. Then open Nero Wave Editor and from file menu choose Open…
Select ripped wave file and do with it all what you want.

And weclome to CD-Freaks! :slight_smile:

Hey, appreciate the help but the strangest thing is going on here, I got a “OEM Suite” copy of Nero 6 and I don’t see that the Wave Editor is included, strange?

C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Wave Editor\WaveEdit.exe
Find and open that file. If it will work you are lucky! If it won’t you must buy an Ultra Edition key.

Or you can use one of the many audio editors like Audacity (freeware) or GoldWave.

maybe audacity will work for it… and ur making a cd nero 6 startsmart, and make an audio cd, it got a checkbox called “normalize audio” check it, but to put some bass is, i think audacity can make it . its a freeware anyways… :slight_smile:

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