Can nero 6.6 make mp3's from audio files? from a cd? how? explain?

i am a dumb person. i dont know why i paid 69.99 dollars for nero. :a
is there a way i can use nero to make mp3’s? from songs on cds? how ?
please explain in detail.

yes nero can make mp3 and not to be rude or ignorant you should as a newbie to burning read the help files with nero. it would be a lot quicker than typing in a complete set of instructions. in reading the help file you will also be able to familiarize yourself with the other options on nero :slight_smile:
to make them from songs already on a cd i would think you need to copy the songs to the hd and then convert

Nero tech support was trying to help me with the audio problem on Nero Show Time, after I use Recode 2 and Burning ROM. I use Nero 6.6.

Nero tech support thinks it’s a “filter problem”, which I have no idea what they are talking about. So I followed their instructions, use the general cleaning tool to uninstall all the 6.6 files. Go to program files/common files, change “Ahead” to “Ahead2”. Install the updated Nero 6.6 from their website. I have the product serial number.

I install product 1 and product 2 of Nero 6.6, so I can have the above Nero features.

I return to program files/common files, and change “Ahead2” back to “Ahead”, as instructed by Nero tech support.

I go through all this, play a rented DVD, and nothing has changed, the audio is still crappy.

I have used this version of Nero for maybe three years. Do you have any idea what a “filter problem” is, and how this seemed to happen for no reason.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.