Can my PSU handle 3 optical drives?



I have a LC-B350ATX PSU… I’m going to but a DVD-RW, and I was wondering if 350W are enough to support my machine, or should I “get rid of” one of the other 2 drives. I’ve done some research, and I’ve tried to calculate power need for my pc using some sites, and I’ve seen that I’m 30-50W below 350. I’ve been told that this is measured when ALL the devices work on peak power, which is not happening very often. So I guess I would be ok, but I would like to know if it’s safe, or something bad could happen to my unit…thanx

I have a P4 2,4GHz, 2x256DDR, HDD 80GB WD, DVD-ROM SONY DDU1621, LG CD-RW, Pinnacle PCTV internal TV tuner and of course floppy, external ISDN modem


If that is a high quality PS you should be fine. I have 5 HD’s and 4 opticals running in a 1800 plus XP box with a gig, it’s a nice old Antec 300 watt. If you have a generic it might be pushing it. I really need a bigger PS but so far this old one has been flawless suprisingly.


I don’t know if my psu is “high quality”-I don’t think it is, but how much can it be pushing it when you have 4 HDD and 1 more optical drive than me and you say it works fine??


It should be ok i have a 350 psu not high quality and im running 2.8ghz, 1 gig mem, 2hdd 4 drives and 2 pci cards also a RADEON 9600 with no problems although some might say im pushing it…
although im going to get a silent 450watt in the near future…
but if your only adding a drive you should have no problems…


Basicly if you shove it all in the box and it doesn’t start blue screening or doing anything weird you should be fine. The Antecs are known to output better then some 400 watt cheapies.


ok, I’ll try that. I only hope I don’t hear a big BOOM and then picking up the devices from different rooms :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Unless you have more than a standard dual IDE, with 3 opticals and a hard disk, one will be sharing with the hard disk.

Not as bad as it used to be, but still a potential performance impact on the write to that drive.

I’d be making sure all those drives really justify their existence, though I’ve run similar setups… on a 300W no-name PSU - not sure how much less power a drive uses at idle, but even the specified maximums will probably include a fair bit of leeway.

  1. Old CD-RW that makes a terrific audio burn on some old media (and will be retired when my remaining tub of that is used up or useless).
  2. DVD-RW
  3. Combo (I meant to get a DVD-ROM, but couldn’r resist this at only £2 more)


well, if you think about it, of course 3 drives are not VITAL. In that case, you would need only one DVD-RW (especially if you don’t have much trust in “on-the-fly” recordings. You could do it all with a single drive…

But I’m thinking, since my CD-RW works fine, why get rid of it, when I could “split” the jobs… CD recordings with my CD-RW, DVD ripping with my DVD-ROM, DVD reading with DVD-ROM and DVD-RW. that way I wouldn’t push my drives to much…


Also with some protections now being hardware dependent the more drives the better chance of getting a backup although it wont guarantee you one…