Can my Plextor 716A Burn Lower than 4x

Hey guys. I have been trying to back up some of my own DVD’s. I’ve tried everything i could to try to get a good burn WITHOUT pixelation that occurs in the picture a random times. Everthing includes turning off antivirus, rebooting before a burn, make sure DMA is enabled on both the primary and secondary channels, and not using my computer while burning. I switched to -R media because I was using +R media, still same results. My question is is there anyway POSSIBLE that I can lower my DVD-R discs to burn at 2x instead of 4x and above. Would you all recommend downgrading to an eariler firmware, etc. Please help me. Thanks :sad:

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are you sure it’s not the re-encoding/transcoding process causing the pixelation? what software are you using to backup your DVDs? have you done quality scans with Plextools on the burned discs? are the results within spec? have you tried the backups in different stand-alone DVD players?

To answer your question: yes it’s possible to burn at 2X (the lowest speed the PX-716A supports) but it depends on the media you’re using. It’s very difficult to still find some media that works at 2X because no manufacturer makes this anymore. 4X is the lowest media speed that you will find and your Plextor should have no problems with this speed. Let us know which media types you’re using and answer drpino’s question as well :wink:

Make a beta/jitter test and check if the bad areas correspond with the times where you get pixelation

This beta result for example is terrible

This is a good one

I am using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s. The media code is TYG02. I am using DVD Shrink with the burning done by DVD Decrypter at 4x. I’ve only tried the burned backup on my Xbox, but i haven’t tried it on a real standalone player yet.Let me know if you guys have anymore pointers or tips. Thanks for all your input.

when you burn those TYG02 @ 8x you still get pixelation?

im burning them at 4x. I watch them on my xbox.

Hmm to be honest I think your problem may be your Xbox. I don’t know which optical drive you have in your Xbox but my Xbox with a Philips DVD-ROM is very picky when it comes to reading DVDR media, even if I use high-quality media. I was very frustrated at first when I didn’t have a standalone player and used my Xbox to read DVDR’s, until I decided to get a “real” DVD-player. Since then all my problems were gone. Do you know which optical drive you Xbox uses (see:

Rumors are that XBoxes, PS2s etc were intentionally made that crappy…

I am using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s. The media code is TYG02
Are you sure they are Taiyo Yuden, and not Gigatain, Infosmart,…?

And what are the results of the beta/jitter test?

im with GF on this, i think it’s your xbox…if and only if they are genuine TY as alexnoe postulated…