Can my LDW851S be over-clocked?

Hey all,

I flashed it to the latest firmware, (I think), which is GS0K and it is curently burning RITEKR03 DVD+R’s flawlessly in about 15 minutes using CopyToDVD. It however, DOES NOT like RITEKR04-R’s at all. This is not a problem as yet to me as the +R’s are readily available and only cost me an additional $5 for a spindle of 25. No big one. :slight_smile:

Now, when I run the Omnipatcher, there is a check box provided for me to over-clock the drive to x8, which I, as yet, have elected not to do. I am kind of at the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” impass and am wondering if I should give it a try? Can this drive be safely over-clocked to x8?

Thoughts and any horror stories out there?


Well, considering it might cost you a disk or two (you can always flash back, if it doesn;t work) I would suggest you try. It is always your call, of course.

I use RICHOJPN01’s and they burn awesome at 8x… :slight_smile:

Your milage, of course, may very.


Thanks Skystalker.

I notice in your sig you also have the LDW851S? What does @SOHW-832S mean? Is this something that I should perhaps contemplate? If so, could you steer me in the right direction?


Heya, Bro… :slight_smile: There is an awesome (and I do mean totally stinkin awsome) way to upgrade your drive to a 832s drive… it is with a firmawre update modified/created by the “Codeguys”.

The link to their forum entry is here.

I think you will find the modification easy, and quite successful. If it doesn’t work for you, there are ways to flash your drive back to stock. It is really quite risk free (or as much as these things can be when you update your firmware).

Good luck!


Cheers mate…I’m looking now :slight_smile:

Let me know how things go for ya! :slight_smile:


Cool…I’ve just flashed it and it all went fine…the drive is now a SOHW-832s ! Whatever that is :slight_smile:

What’s next mate…do I need to upgrade the firware to anything else now?


LOL…look at out post counts climb : :bigsmile:

SOHW-832s lets you burn double layer media and -R @ 8X which you do not have… requires a new DSP chip :)…

The modified Firmware will not allow buring at 8x for DVD-R media, but the lite-on’s SUCK at -R’s anyways (at least in my experience!).

I ran Omnipatcher with the recommended upgrades applied. The thing works like a hot-damn! I use Maxell 4x media (RICHOJPN01’s) at 8x, and I get some of the best burns I have seen around here.

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