Can My DVD Drive Burn DVD+R DL DVDs?



Hi! I’m not too sure if this is even my drive; I used what showed up on imgburn:


So can this burn Dual layer DVDs? Thanks in advance~


From what I can tell it says it should be able to burn DL media as well. How old is your drive though? It might need a firmware update as well too so you might want to check on that on the manufacture site or company site you bought that drive from to find any updates to the drive.


The drive is part of the laptop I bought about 1-2 years ago. I’ve tried looking for firmware updates but I can’t seem to find any in the toshiba website. Thanks for the reply!


Hi and Welcome!

so this drive is about 2 years old. Then it should be able to burn DVD+R DL unless it has been crippled by Toshiba.
To find out what your drive is able to do: download and install ImgBurn, then do this: Menu Mode -Write, then Menu Tools -> Drive -> Capabilities.

As for blank media, stick with Verbatim - these are the most reliable.



Again, thanks very much for the replies. This one’s definitely resolved.


Don’t forget to look on the LG-Hitachi web site too, as they made your drive.