Can My AMD K7 do DVD burns?



Hey folks, I want to get a new NEC 3520a dvd burner from newegg. A question I have is…is my computer powerful enough to do the job, and will any free software (nero) give me problems. I have a AMD K7 processor,
600MHZ…512 MB of Ram…and an 80 gig HD. I’m most curious about the K7
Thanks for your help in advance




Actually, I don’t see why a K7 600mhz won’t be good enough. I have used a Duron 600 with a DVD burner and had no problems at all. Admittedly, ripping DVDs was a slow process, but burning them on an 16x burner was fine.

The software I used (and still often use) is Acard HA! CD DVD burner which can be downloaded at the Acard website. You get the full program on a six month free trial, and there are no usage restrictions.


I expect it’ll be okay, especially if you’re using windows 2000 or xp; they multitask badly, but much much better than 95/98/me.

Bear in mind the main issue with CPU speed is “can it feed the burner fast enough?”. So if you should experience problems, you can almost certainly choose a slower burn speed to get by.

A very important point: when you first install a drive, the system will usually mark it for PIO operation. Make a point of checking, and setting the interface to “use DMA if available” and reboot. It will make a huge difference.