Can multiple programs be on same machine at same time

Will Nero and CloneCD, or EZCDCreator and CD Mate, co-exist on the same pc? I have InstantCD6 and I was wondering CloneCD or CD mate would operate if I had both installed.

I really don’t want to install/reinstall and risk corrupting what I have. I’ve clean installed XP at least six times in the last 3 months due to testing a multitude of programs. I got InstantCD6 to work right away and I don’t want to foul it up.


yes clonecd and cd mate will work on the same machine just
make sure the nero’s incd and directcd wont be on the same machine

beautiful!!! thanks much

no problem
I have clonecd and cdmate on my computer and they both work great

i have installed ez cd creator 5, nero, direct cd, win on cd, feurio!, clone CD, theblind write suite and CDRWin, and everything if perfectly workin’, but they’re on a win2k HDD…