Can MPG1 files be recorded onto a DVD?



I have quite a few of Mpeg1 files, that can be burnt to VCDs with Nero with no problem at all.

All those Mpeg1 files are sized under 600mb each.

Now I wish to know if I can burn 6 or 7 of those Mpeg1 files into one sigle DVD, and the burnt DVD can be played in a normal DVD player. If that can be done, what software should I use and how could I do it.

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In theory (as I havโ€™nt got a dvd burner) it should be possible with Nero Vision Express.
Just load the movies you want and add a menu to them.
They will be converted to MPEG 2 format (to conform to the dvd standard) so be prepared for a wait and should load and play normally.


Or you can download

Cinema Craft Encoder and make DVD compatible MPEG2 files (one video, another audio) then use DVDLab to make a menu for your MPGs so you could play them by selecting the one you want. DVDLab is easy, drag and drop thing.

Then burn with Nero the compilation that you will get from DVDlab.


Thanks Petera and TexasGuy. Will try them and post the result here. Thanks again:)